Monday, November 30, 2009


What an amazing week. So many people in my little house! Hope every one had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I spent the week with this vivacious group. So interesting and interested. It is always so nice to share the Keys with folks who have never been here.We packed it all in, swimming on Thanksgiving morning before the cold front came through. The water was flat calm and warm. Because we knew we were not having turkey for dinner we instead picked up all the turkey wing shells we could find in our beachcombing. Then we came home and started cooking, roasted veggies...

Grilled octopus.....

Pan fried and grilled fish ........and of course mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry and fried squid.

We were able to eat outside under the bright moon and under the travelers palms with the tiki torches going.

I worked in the gallery on black Friday and it was a joy with loads of my tourist friends flocking in to buy Xmas gifts. Everyone was in a jovial mood and wallets were opened and money was flying. Thanks to that nice local couple who bought paintings of mine for their family! Saturday was My daughters 18th birthday so we had to party yet again. Taco bar and pinata! Even a little hot tubing because the water was so warm. Had to squeeze in 2 gallery openings this weekend also, which were great fun. Add to that some snorkeling and green parrot dancing and it was a full and wonderful weekend.

Also joined my friend Nancy and friends for her early turkey dinner, so yes I did have turkey. Great fun and love her burnt orange wall.

Pie and coffee.....
In the end this is all I am left with a almost eaten birthday cake and loads of laundry. but it sure was fun. I am back in my studio and working away to make more fun things for all my fans.

No one wanted to leave, especially with the thought of 18 hours to Asheville and they had to stop and put real clothes on half way there.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Walking on Glass

My old friend Scott Kenan has written a book about the time he spent working for Tennessee Williams. I remember the time as he and I had been working at the same restaurant, Tux. I also remember meeting Tennessee at the bar on the pier of the Reach one drinking night. Wow I guess that was more then 27 years ago!..........Any way, Scott has been working on this book for quite a while and he sent me bits and pieces to read, should be good. Here is a link to his new web site. The book comes out next year.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Radio rant

So driving home yesterday , from northern Florida, was of course a bore, but the radio helps. Having satellite radio is a must, but when a signal fades, I had to rely on terrestrial radio. Why oh why do only the Jesus and Spanish stations come in clear and loud and why oh why are they playing..."get it on , bang a gong....." and "really like your peaches , gonna shake your tree......" and what ever happened to Bachman Turner Overdrive? ........Come on really, there is so much good music out there, why could I only find mediocre music. OK, I feel better now. Oh and one more thing...... People actually were out there in the real world putting up Christmas decorations and I actually found a station playing Xmas music already. What ever happened to waiting till December 1st or at least after Thanksgiving.

Bumpy Road citrus grove

Just back from Bumpy Road, my retreat in Melrose Florida. My niece and my Mother came down for a visit. It is citrus season now. My little grove was filled with juicy sweet fruit. After arriving late and in the dark, woke to a peak out the window and the trees full of ripe fruit.

Got the juicer out and squeezed and squeezed. Fresh juice every morning and a very healthy screw driver every evening. No scurvy here.

Three kinds of fruit made for a wonderful combo. Sweet little brilliant tangerines, regular navels and red navels. Picked the trees clean with the help of my niece. Also have a cumquat tree but they were not ripe yet.

Sent loads up to my sister and still had the back of the car loaded.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lovely IDA

The Coast Guard on Friday issued a warning to Florida Keys boaters to monitor Tropical Depression Ida before deciding whether to get on the water.
Its a windy windy day in the Keys, The windows are open and the humidity has dropped. Doubt that Ida will bother us in the keys too much but looks like it will follow me up to Northern Florida for my family get together at Bumpy Road. I am looking for umbrellas.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Snail Mail Art project

I have been participating in a snail mail art project with an interesting group. One person starts a piece and mails it to another artist or writer. They then collaborate and embellish the mail and send it back. Above is what I received from Kate Miller and below is what i sent back to her. It was fun and I am doing one with Maggie Ruley. Here is her blog about it I will add to it and send it on to Kate as she is the curator of the ultimate show next year. If anyone is interested send me your address and we can get one going. This sounds right up your alley Patsy! click on the pictures for a closer look.

New Paintings

Sunset Palm and Night Palm These are 8"x16" $200.00 each.
Sunset Palm Island and Night Palm island 5"x7" $125.00 each. I sold the last two to a cute honeymoon couple.


One last vestige of Halloween. Our snaggle tooth pumpkin this year.

Key Limes

Now that Fantasy Fest is over I am going to catch up on some blogs I put off. The key lime trees in my neighborhood including mine have been prolific. I finally decided I had too many to put in my cocktails or I was going to have to drink faster and more and that was not too good of an option, but they are good in a tall vodka club soda. I was going to Greg's birthday and decided to make a key lime tart with a chocolate crust. I used Nellie and Joe's recipe and just made a graham cracker crust except with chocolate graham crackers. Must have been a success as I brought home an empty plate.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Warning nudity !!! Fantasy Fest!

Halloween and Fantasy Fest are over, for another year! We had such fun last night greeting our trick or treaters. Michael Jackson stopped by and did a little dance as well as Flo the progressive insurance salleslady. Loads of ninjas and fairy princesses, lady bugs and brides. We handed out bags and bags of candy and I surveyed the neighborhood this morning and only saw a few scraps but loads of shaving cream. We will need a good rain to wash it away. Below are some photos from Friday night, Fantasy Fest on Duval Street. Be fore warned its not all pretty! These Cruellas were wonderful. Its sad that the creative costumes have evolved into just how little clothes you can wear!

Lots of masks.

Loads of businesses were decorated.

Hi Jennifer!

Lots of near naked men and woman.

Some you don't really want to see!

This was a really interesting paint job.

Hi Ladies

HI Mister! nice sock

Loved these guys!

The Parrot was decked out

Ricks was really cool
So was Sloppy Joe's.

A cruise ship arrived about 6:00 and it was a clothing optional ship.... so 2000 barely clad people dropped into Duval Street .

Loved her high healed sneakers.

Morticia and Gomez, they even had Thing with them.

Traffic cones