Monday, November 30, 2009


What an amazing week. So many people in my little house! Hope every one had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I spent the week with this vivacious group. So interesting and interested. It is always so nice to share the Keys with folks who have never been here.We packed it all in, swimming on Thanksgiving morning before the cold front came through. The water was flat calm and warm. Because we knew we were not having turkey for dinner we instead picked up all the turkey wing shells we could find in our beachcombing. Then we came home and started cooking, roasted veggies...

Grilled octopus.....

Pan fried and grilled fish ........and of course mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry and fried squid.

We were able to eat outside under the bright moon and under the travelers palms with the tiki torches going.

I worked in the gallery on black Friday and it was a joy with loads of my tourist friends flocking in to buy Xmas gifts. Everyone was in a jovial mood and wallets were opened and money was flying. Thanks to that nice local couple who bought paintings of mine for their family! Saturday was My daughters 18th birthday so we had to party yet again. Taco bar and pinata! Even a little hot tubing because the water was so warm. Had to squeeze in 2 gallery openings this weekend also, which were great fun. Add to that some snorkeling and green parrot dancing and it was a full and wonderful weekend.

Also joined my friend Nancy and friends for her early turkey dinner, so yes I did have turkey. Great fun and love her burnt orange wall.

Pie and coffee.....
In the end this is all I am left with a almost eaten birthday cake and loads of laundry. but it sure was fun. I am back in my studio and working away to make more fun things for all my fans.

No one wanted to leave, especially with the thought of 18 hours to Asheville and they had to stop and put real clothes on half way there.

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