Sunday, November 1, 2009

Warning nudity !!! Fantasy Fest!

Halloween and Fantasy Fest are over, for another year! We had such fun last night greeting our trick or treaters. Michael Jackson stopped by and did a little dance as well as Flo the progressive insurance salleslady. Loads of ninjas and fairy princesses, lady bugs and brides. We handed out bags and bags of candy and I surveyed the neighborhood this morning and only saw a few scraps but loads of shaving cream. We will need a good rain to wash it away. Below are some photos from Friday night, Fantasy Fest on Duval Street. Be fore warned its not all pretty! These Cruellas were wonderful. Its sad that the creative costumes have evolved into just how little clothes you can wear!

Lots of masks.

Loads of businesses were decorated.

Hi Jennifer!

Lots of near naked men and woman.

Some you don't really want to see!

This was a really interesting paint job.

Hi Ladies

HI Mister! nice sock

Loved these guys!

The Parrot was decked out

Ricks was really cool
So was Sloppy Joe's.

A cruise ship arrived about 6:00 and it was a clothing optional ship.... so 2000 barely clad people dropped into Duval Street .

Loved her high healed sneakers.

Morticia and Gomez, they even had Thing with them.

Traffic cones

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