Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shrimp and clam pizza

Here is a before baking picture. Starting with dough, which I often get from the local pizza place my daughter does deliveries for. Then I sauteed some zucchini with s and p. I laid a thin layer of bottled Alfredo sauce ( it really isn't cheating, its just easy) Then I shaved a few raw cloves of garlic over the whole pie. Scattered the zucchini and some jarred roasted red peppers. Then a small can of chopped clams. Sometimes I add chopped ham or chopped precooked bacon( Yum!) Then raw whole peeled shrimp. Then any cheese I might have on hand. There was some mozzarella and some Colby and some jack. Bake at 400 degrees until browned and bubbling. This is an instant hit at any dinner party, easy too. Of course you could add artichoke hearts or spinach or even mushrooms, or even tomatoes, whatever you have on hand. Enjoy!

Edge of my deck

The edge of my deck this spring. Luckily Key Deer don't like to eat succulents.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Three little paintings

Here are three new little paintings. They are 5"x7" with a gallery wrap and about 1 1/2 inches deep. They are each $125.00 and if you need to have all 3 they are $350.00. They are going up at the gallery today.

Just finished a good book. "Service Included" by Phoebe Damrosch. If you have ever worked in a restaurant or love to eat out in good restaurants this was a very revealing, entertaining, fun book in the realm of very high dining set in a master chef, Thomas Keller restaurant.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My cousins new web site

My cousin Anne Wheeler just debuted her new web page. She lives on Mt Desert Island in Maine. She does a beautiful job on tiles. Check out her web site:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Conch Houses

This is a giclee of my painting "Conch Houses". I usually sell this unframed with a gallery wrap, but a customer requested a frame. I had my friend Scott make me a nice wide frame and I painted it the customers requested colors. I think it looks sharp and I am shipping it off Friday. The print on canvas is about 12"x24" and usually sells for $275.00 adding the frame added another $150.00 so the total is $425.00.
As I have said in previous blogs it is spring in the Keys and it is a little different then our northern neighbors. It is in like fast action. Several types of trees like the gumbo limbo, mahogany and Jamaican dog wood have all just lost their leaves and instead of going dormant for 6 months these trees are bare for just a couple of weeks and then they send out their spring buds. This a gumbo limbo outside my front door and the tree is just filled with soft green fuzz. The bees will come next, and then we will have plenty of nice shade for the summer months.

I am watching a pair of mourning doves outside my window building a nest among the climbing night blooming cactus just out side my front windows. The Dad bring the Mrs. a few twigs and she arranges them just so. It is very sweet and I will look forward to the babies arrival.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vintners Dinner

Well the Bocce Sisters played fairly well last night, maybe we didn't play very well because we attended the 11th Annual Taste of Key West Vintners dinner Sunday night at the Casa Marina. We arrived to passed Hors d'oeuvres and then we were seated at our table with our own wine rep from the Van Duzer winery in Oregon.
The room was filled with people and beautiful flower arrangements and many many bottles of wine. Dinner started with a cold gazpacho with a crab and avocado mousse on a crostini. Really nice served with a lovely Pinot Gris.

Next came a beet and heirloom tomato salad with a smoked garlic vinaigrette and a creamy goat feta. Really good. Next came a crab and marscapone ravioli with a sherry cream sauce, it disappeared before I could get a picture of it. This was served with a delicious pinot noir rose.

The main course was spiced duck breast with vegetable root gratin that was amazing and capers and fois gras and baby veggies. The duck was soo tender. it was delightful. We had 3 different pinot noirs with this so the wine was flowing and the table was covered with glasses.

Desert was a key lime mousse with macadamias. It was good but we were all looking for chocolate. There was a lot of table jumping and sampling other tables wines and I know we all had a great time and from the sound level in the room I think everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. A must do for next year! We all brought home wine and thanks to Lucy we made it home safely!!!!

By the end of the night things got a little blurry.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sugarloaf school of painters

Well I haven't painted with the group I often paint with on Thursdays in quite a while but I was able to today. It was a beautiful spring day and we all worked on smaller canvases today. This was a romantic evening at home with just some brie and crackers. This one is 8"x10".
There were several still lifes and some fruit and sunflowers and orchids to paint. I dreamed up my own still life. Fran thought this one was nice especially that friendly yellow pickle in the left rear. I think it was a crookneck squash but who knows, but it does look friendly! This one is 5"x7"

This one I worked on the least as it wasn't my favorite, but I do like the comfy chairs and again there is that friendly yellow pickle! This one is 5"x7" also. All in all the paintings from the group were great and it always is fun to paint with other people.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finally back to that painting

Well I got back to work on the painting. I put in some giant juicy mangoes and key limes, worked on the pineapples and added coconuts and a ghost of a boat.

Fleshed out the boat a little more and added a pile of coconuts for sale on the beach. Its starting to take shape and I will add some signage and maybe another boat or two and chairs on the porch and some fishing equipment.

Comfort Stir Fry

So on the way home we stopped at Tim's in Homestead. Most foodies in the Keys knows Tim's because it is our closest oriental grocery and a treasure trove of wonderful ingredients. Here is part of my haul.
Here is the makings of a stir fry with eggplant tofu, onion and Chinese broccoli.

Stir frying the tofu.

The greens and eggplant.

Then mixed together with the rice noodles. I added some sauces, garlic and ginger, very comforting after a long drive home.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Had a wonderful time in Epcot. They gave me a big button that said it was my birthday and everyone wished me Happy Birthday all day! It almost made me cry! The weather was beautiful and all the gardens were in full bloom, loads of roses. The place was packed but it didn't seem to matter we had such a good time just poking around. The full moon rose just before the fireworks and it was a cloudless sky. Wayne joined us and we laughed and partied starting with cocktails at lunch!! Then the old folks sat by the water and watched the ducks! It was a quick 3 days and now I am back at the easel filling the gallery back up as it was very busy in the gallery while I was a way, no complaints here! Thanks for all the birthday greetings! its been a great birthday week1

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm going to Disney!

We are off to the land of the mouse for a day in a park thanks to Uncle Walt himself. Its my birthday on Wed and they will let you in for free on your day. A quick getaway then back to the easel! Hopefully refreshed and inspired. Have a great day. The weather has been wonderful here.

Monday, April 6, 2009

New Painting

Here is a new painting I brought into the gallery today. It is similar to 2 other kitchen paintings I have done. After brain storming with a couple of the artists at 7 Artists gallery , I came up with the title "suppertime" , but ask me about some of the other titles we had to reject. While out doing errands i kept seeing beautiful bright color everywhere I went, more bouganvillea.
This is an amazing tababuela tree right on Big Pine at the Methodist church, the yellow was amazing.

More colorful bouganvillea along a picket fence.

Monday Morning Walk

Home from my morning walk the air was great but getting a little muggy. It is spring here. So many people say there really isn't a change of seasons here, but there really is. Everything is in bloom. The colors are amazing. The pink oleander.
The brilliant bougainvillea......It almost hurts your eyes
The Hong Kong orchid tree. I also saw this guy out in the tidal flats this morning.

The sea grape leaves are also changing to red, but not all of them, I'm not sure why but they are vibrant!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I just finished this book and if you haven't read it yet you should I really couldn't put it down and that hasn't happened in a while. Thats not to say I read it non stop, but I did stay up late a couple of nights! A must read.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April fools day!

My newest little painting "Sunset Palm" 5"x7" with painted frame. $145.00. Its going to the gallery today. Happy April fools day to you all. SOLD
Found out there is building in Kansas City called the Hobbs Building. Never saw it when I lived there while I was going to the Kansas City Art Institute. It has been renovated into artist spaces and a big catering business down stairs. Link to the buildings artists. Just a bit of architectural trivia.