Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Walking on Glass

My old friend Scott Kenan has written a book about the time he spent working for Tennessee Williams. I remember the time as he and I had been working at the same restaurant, Tux. I also remember meeting Tennessee at the bar on the pier of the Reach one drinking night. Wow I guess that was more then 27 years ago!..........Any way, Scott has been working on this book for quite a while and he sent me bits and pieces to read, should be good. Here is a link to his new web site. The book comes out next year.


  1. I used to run into Tennessee grocery shopping at Gulfstream--his house was pretty close by. Key West was such fun back in the day.

  2. It sure was fun and still is but not quite as colorful. Thats funny, I hadn't thought of it as Gulfstream in such a long time. Remember you only had to dial the last 5 digits of the phone number as they were all 294 or 296.

  3. And the Citizen came out in the late afternoon and cost a dime from Leonte at Valladares...