Sunday, November 15, 2009

Radio rant

So driving home yesterday , from northern Florida, was of course a bore, but the radio helps. Having satellite radio is a must, but when a signal fades, I had to rely on terrestrial radio. Why oh why do only the Jesus and Spanish stations come in clear and loud and why oh why are they playing..."get it on , bang a gong....." and "really like your peaches , gonna shake your tree......" and what ever happened to Bachman Turner Overdrive? ........Come on really, there is so much good music out there, why could I only find mediocre music. OK, I feel better now. Oh and one more thing...... People actually were out there in the real world putting up Christmas decorations and I actually found a station playing Xmas music already. What ever happened to waiting till December 1st or at least after Thanksgiving.

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