Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another new painting SOLD

I have had a lot more time to spend on originals since the holidays are over and started several at once. This is the last of them. "Conch Houses" 11"x14" $785.00 . Its time to start a few more and I have canvases all primed and grounded, ready to go.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Newest earth palette painting

Just finished. Decided I needed a challenge for the new year and went back to a color palette I have used before, all earth tones. Totally enjoyed painting this and like the outcome. 16"x20" It will have a plain black frame. Notice the windows wide open in my studio. The weather has been fantastic.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Two new paintings for the new year

Well I posted these backwards with the details first but You get the idea. I have been working diligently in my studio to finish up these two and I have two more in the works. This is a multiple image painting 16"x20" painting. No working title yet but it will be $1,250.00.

This is the finished product of my plein air day. Also 16"x20" and $600.00, such a bargain.
The weather here in the Keys couldn't be more wonderful. With no real lows or highs. We are experiencing a weird evening FOG tonight with 100 0/0 humidity but otherwise I am sure the sun will burn it off first thing in the morning.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A beautiful day for painting outside or Plein Air

Yesterday was just such a perfect day. I decided to paint under a grand old mahogany tree across from The Armory and right down from my studio. It was so nice watching the world go by on bicycle and car, hidden off the beaten path listening to Livingston Taylor on my headphones. I had seen and heard him the night before right there in The Armory. The painting is not quite done but maybe another hour in the studio and slap a frame on it and on to the next painting. So far its been a beautiful January and with the snow up north the tourists keep flooding down to visit us!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cuban boaters

My son alerted me to this boat up on Big Coppitt key today. I had seen in the paper 20 cubans had made it to shore but thought nothing of it as it is a fairly everyday occurrence. I was startled to be so overwhelmed by the boat itself. All their clothes and things were left scattered in it, even a toothbrush. The boat itself was beautiful in its craftsmanship but apparently they had built a fire in the bow for warmth. It made realize just how lucky and comfortable I am to live where I do and so many people live a life they would love to leave. Happy New Year to all. Lets all make 2011 a wonderful year!