Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bumpy Road citrus grove

Just back from Bumpy Road, my retreat in Melrose Florida. My niece and my Mother came down for a visit. It is citrus season now. My little grove was filled with juicy sweet fruit. After arriving late and in the dark, woke to a peak out the window and the trees full of ripe fruit.

Got the juicer out and squeezed and squeezed. Fresh juice every morning and a very healthy screw driver every evening. No scurvy here.

Three kinds of fruit made for a wonderful combo. Sweet little brilliant tangerines, regular navels and red navels. Picked the trees clean with the help of my niece. Also have a cumquat tree but they were not ripe yet.

Sent loads up to my sister and still had the back of the car loaded.


  1. Can think of all kinds of tropical drinks that could be made - and kumquats make the perfect accompaniment to a lemon grass ginger martini.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful! I can almost smell the citrus-scented air!