Thursday, April 23, 2009

Conch Houses

This is a giclee of my painting "Conch Houses". I usually sell this unframed with a gallery wrap, but a customer requested a frame. I had my friend Scott make me a nice wide frame and I painted it the customers requested colors. I think it looks sharp and I am shipping it off Friday. The print on canvas is about 12"x24" and usually sells for $275.00 adding the frame added another $150.00 so the total is $425.00.
As I have said in previous blogs it is spring in the Keys and it is a little different then our northern neighbors. It is in like fast action. Several types of trees like the gumbo limbo, mahogany and Jamaican dog wood have all just lost their leaves and instead of going dormant for 6 months these trees are bare for just a couple of weeks and then they send out their spring buds. This a gumbo limbo outside my front door and the tree is just filled with soft green fuzz. The bees will come next, and then we will have plenty of nice shade for the summer months.

I am watching a pair of mourning doves outside my window building a nest among the climbing night blooming cactus just out side my front windows. The Dad bring the Mrs. a few twigs and she arranges them just so. It is very sweet and I will look forward to the babies arrival.

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