Saturday, April 4, 2009

I just finished this book and if you haven't read it yet you should I really couldn't put it down and that hasn't happened in a while. Thats not to say I read it non stop, but I did stay up late a couple of nights! A must read.


  1. Pam, My wife and I both read that book late last year. It was wonderful and we both enjoyed it very much. After years of buying and reading and saving our favorite books (and growing older!!)we mark the title page with a check mark and the date we finished reading them. This way we know when they are "ready" to be reread! I also rate each one from a self-devised 4 Star rating system, * = OK; ** = Good; *** = Very Good; **** = Excellent. We only keep 3 and 4 star books. "Water For Elephants" obviously rated 4 Stars!

    BTW, we also have purchased and enjoy one of your acrylic works and always visit the 7 Artists gallery on our annual visit to KW.

  2. Opps, my mistake...have one of Maggie Ruley's acrylics...have two of your KW inspired, wonderfully and colorfully framed works to remind us of Key West ("Key Lime Shack" and "Beach Bar").