Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Had a wonderful time in Epcot. They gave me a big button that said it was my birthday and everyone wished me Happy Birthday all day! It almost made me cry! The weather was beautiful and all the gardens were in full bloom, loads of roses. The place was packed but it didn't seem to matter we had such a good time just poking around. The full moon rose just before the fireworks and it was a cloudless sky. Wayne joined us and we laughed and partied starting with cocktails at lunch!! Then the old folks sat by the water and watched the ducks! It was a quick 3 days and now I am back at the easel filling the gallery back up as it was very busy in the gallery while I was a way, no complaints here! Thanks for all the birthday greetings! its been a great birthday week1


  1. Weren't the little slopes planted with flowers beautiful? Loved the butterfly garden as well - and all of the topiaries - oh hell - wasn't it all beautiful? I got a button that said 1st visit and I wear it on my vest when I do volunteer work at the hospital. People get a kick out of it. HAPPY EASTER PAM!