Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wall of Art

This is a picture of some of my paintings at 7 Artists gallery. Most of these will be in the show next weekend. This is some of my newer stuff, not my usual tropical things. The gallery is located at 604 Duval street, Key west. We started this gallery 7 years ago and we are 7 artists who generally get along and keep the gallery up and running. It is an eclectic group with some beautiful colorful art. I know a lot of you have been in the gallery but if you haven't please stop in next time you are in town. I am always there on Fridays and Wednesday nights with a Monday or Thursday here and there. You will always find an artist at the desk. Check out our web site: Those are Maggie's pots in front. Check out her new blog: We are having another foggy morning but yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day and after all the chocolate wore off I was able to paint outside since it was so lovely. I am working on 2 little paintings I will show you when they are done. I found this orchid in bloom in my yard yesterday, who knew i could grow orchids!

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  1. I am looking forward to the show and that orchid looks like a painting waiting to happen.