Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hemingway House

New Hemingway House painting. I haven't painted it in a long time so thought I would update my image and revisit this really nice house. Its in the Gallery now and the canvas is 11"x14" with a nice wide frame. I have made prints of this painting too.


  1. Oh, Pam, I don't know you but Patti Flowers said to check out this blog. I love you paintings. I think I'm gonna love your blog. I like things like blogging your pork prep! Looking forward to going through all the old posts!

  2. Fair enough Pam, and happy to sort-of- meet you. You're welcome to my birthday idea and I'm going to start putting pictures up when I prepare a meal ... that will be special things like two hotdogs steamed (as in gourmet) instead of boiled, and Wheat Chex tumbling into a bowl. The only good things I make are Hamburger Stroganoff and scrambled eggs! And yes it's cold and Wellfleet's biggest festival of the year, the Oyster Fest, with wind, rain, and chill, is being kind of busted I'm afraid. Best to you and I really really love your paintings. - George (I'm so sophisticated blog-wise I can only post an "Anonymous" I guess.