Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well 4,100 miles and I am home. and boy am I glad. It is always nice to get away and see and do new things but staying organized living out of your car and suitcase is hard, and Florida is the longest state to drive through! Took 2 days! I also realized there are too many people on the road at one time, they should stay home. Went to Cape May to see my family and had a good time with my Mom, I won't tell you about finding her new Walmart panties in the fridge! Then on to Mass to see my friend Pati. East Hampton is the cutest town and Pati's house is way cute too. We hadn't seen each other in 2 years but it was like no time had passed as we poured the wine and set out the cheese and crackers at the kitchen table. If you see it try the green wasabi cheddar... yum. Then off to Boston to pick up my daughter at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. What an incredible experience for her. Very edgy and dynamic. Then we all went to Cape Cod and stayed at Pati's sister house. I had clams as a theme food for my travels and I ate them in every conceivable way. Raw, steamed, fried, chowdah, fried, deviled, casinoed, fried and rolled. I really don't need to have another clam for quite a while. After the Cape , Lucy and I headed south to Cape May again, a few more days with the fam and then we headed south. A quick stop in Savannah for lunch at Paula Deens and another stop at Bumpy road and then we were home. The laundry is done and I am back at the gallery rearranging my wall as I was busy while I was gone, Thankfully. And back to the easel! Luckily no hurricanes on the horizon and just a few more months till season is on us again. School will start for Lucy in a week or so and back to the regular routine. Sure had a good time! I will start with the food pictures and put a few more up daily.

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