Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crosby Stills and Nash

Well we couldn't have had better seats. 4th row right. The place was PACKED and it was all 50- 60 something people. Not many under 40. It was an outdoor venue, the St Augustine Amphitheatre. It was a little muggy but we were all so excited and ready to hear some great music. I was a little surprised to see they too had aged as I haven't aged a bit.............Ha! They played and played all the songs we wanted to hear. The audience sang along and danced and showed them a lot of encouragement. They did not sing Woodstock or Suite Judy Blue Eyes but rocked the house with all the other classics, Almost cut my Hair, Wooden Ships and Love the one your With. We had a great time, went with 6 friends from Melrose. Stayed at Bumpy Road and drove home yesterday. They were very aggressive about their call for no cameras so my pictures were taken surreptitiously and of course are a bit blurry. Every one had their cell phone cameras going. and Bruce had an ap on his I phone that was a picture of a zippo lighter ready to wave it in the air!

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