Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More pictures of my road trip

Summer is almost over. The kids have gone back to school yesterday. This will be Lucy's senior year! I need to post these pictures and get back into my routine. Cape Cod on the way to Province town.
National seashore, mid Cape.

View from Marvo's house, Swan River, just beautiful. There were kayakers and geese and ducks swimming past all day. It was so nice to sit on her porch and just watch.

Main drag in Provincetown. Thought for sure i would run into someone I knew.

Nice colors combo in Ptown

Shell shop for my sister in Ptown

Pati and her brother Pete. We had a great summer dinner together. Corn, tomatoes and grilled chicken. I wish i had some of that corn right now.

Front of Marvo's house.

Moon rise over swan river.

Sunday buffet at Paula Deen's restaurant in Savannah Ga. We decided we needed a treat before we hit that long state of Florida and stopped and did a little touring of Savannah. What a beautiful town. We made it to Bumpy Road that night and slept in some familiar beds.

Her restaurant. 3 stories with every table full and three huge buffets. They were totally booked but squeezed us in at the bar.

One of those lovely parks in the middle of every street. Such a cool calm place.

The houses are so lovely.

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