Saturday, June 13, 2009

South Florida Summer Harvest

Went to the veggie stand in Marathon today. Local avocados, mangoes and lychees. The lychees are so sweet and meaty. We couldn't wait to get home and drove home with sticky fingers. They are in the fridge now waiting to chill, they are so good that way! You just pop open the hard skin and pop them in your mouth. the mango and avo will have to sit on the counter for a day or two to ripen.


  1. the lychees--do they taste anything like Spanish limes? They kinda look like them, just red instead of green.

  2. No- Lychees have a taste more like a cross betweena honeydew melon and a grape with a texture more like a grape. They have a shiny dark pit in the middle. They do pop open like a spanish lime but the texture and taste are way different. You just can't stop eating them.Love Spanish limes too. I think they are ready to eat soon.

  3. My first KW apartment had a huge Spanish lime tree out front; I couldn't get over how everybody felt they had the right to pick them, no asking or anything. Finally I started saving my mopping water to toss over the balcony at lime stealers. I didn't so much care about the limes, but I figured they'd steal them, then my stuff was next.