Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Scallop dish I made last week. Seared the scallops in a hot pan with olive oil. Placed them on a plate with a pile of fresh raw spinach. Meanwhile sauteed onion, red pepper and garlic in same pan then deglazed with lemon juice and white wine and added artichoke hearts, capers and cooked chopped bacon. Poured that over the scallops and spinach way. yum!
Oh by the way the Bocce Sisters won one out of 3 games last night. Watched the moon rise over the ocean on a very lovely warm night. Great fun.


  1. OMG - does that sound yummy. The palm tree pics arrived today and are just beautiful - love the colors. Were on the wall within 20 minutes. Thanks again.

  2. Pam - anonymous was me - don't know what I did wrong.