Sunday, March 8, 2009

Luna Rojas
Te Acuerdas

La Carne de la Luna

The workshop yesterday was wonderful. Encaustic painting is a very ancient technique using melted liquefied wax to paint. The Greeks and Romans used it and these images have retained their color for many many years. In contemporary art, there has been a resurgence of the technique and many wonderful things are being done. The instructor, Kate miller, was great and the supplies were endless. We had a brief introduction, a brief demo and she let us loose to experiment. We had a break for lunch then by 3 we stopped and looked at what we had done. It was very inspirational and fun to play with a new technique. To me it seemed it was about the layering and texture and sensuousness of the wax, scraping and uncovering. The space at the old historic Armory building on White street was wonderful, loads of room to work. I don't think it will ever recover though, the place was covered with wax.


  1. Pam-I'm always so amazed by the depth of your work. It must be so great to have a career where you work with your hands and tap into your creativity....I envy you! These paintings are GREAT!!!!

  2. I especially like "The meat of the moon"

  3. Just by going onto the various blogs - I am learning. Very interesting technique.