Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Arlyn's Kale Salad

Welp this is my first post on my moms blog and I thought i would share my kale salad recipe. It took me a couple tries to get it dialed in but this recipe is catching on quick and it's a real crowd pleaser.

A few things to think about this salad before you prepare it: It's simple, cheap, and easy! I'm not going to give any exact measurements on the ingredients in this salad but I think of adding sprinkles, dustings, and pinches of ingredients is key. At no time should you be adding piles of ingredients, preserve the taste of the kale, let the ingredients be a subtle and savory taste on the pallet after the taste of the Kale.

First off your going to need some Kale
Once you get it home wash it off and remove the leaves from the stalk. Then run your knife through the pile so you are left with bite size chunks.

Next up is a simple list of ingredients found in most kitchens: Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil, Lemon, Honey, Sesame Seeds and Avocado.

Once you have gathered your ingredients and prepared your kale, transfer the kale pile into a large salad bowl. The first two ingredients to add are Olive Oil and Salt, these are the two most important ingredients of the salad so make sure all parts get good coverage. Mix these two ingredients together with your hands and allow the oil and salt to "cook" the kale. The salt and oil should break down some of the tuff qualities of the kale but preserve the texture.

Once you have completed this step go about adding the Pepper and Honey. Glazing the top with a light stream of honey seems to work well and nice dusting of black pepper hits the spot, mix it up and give it a try. Still not enough? go ahead and add some more. Once you find the right balance of black pepper and honey it's time to add the last three ingredients. I like to dust the top of the salad with sesame seeds, then add half of an avocado thinly sliced, then right before you serve it squeeze half a lemon over the salad and enjoy!
Hope everybody is having a good summer. Summer school is about over and I have been having more fun then i can count of 11 fingers in asheville.



  1. Thanks Arlyn! Great looking recipe, I want to try it!

  2. Love your site and love this salad. You have many talents.