Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cuban boaters

My son alerted me to this boat up on Big Coppitt key today. I had seen in the paper 20 cubans had made it to shore but thought nothing of it as it is a fairly everyday occurrence. I was startled to be so overwhelmed by the boat itself. All their clothes and things were left scattered in it, even a toothbrush. The boat itself was beautiful in its craftsmanship but apparently they had built a fire in the bow for warmth. It made realize just how lucky and comfortable I am to live where I do and so many people live a life they would love to leave. Happy New Year to all. Lets all make 2011 a wonderful year!


  1. Amazing photos and post. It's humbling indeed to realize what many people will endure to have what we all take for granted.

  2. AMEN!!!!! Have a great New Year Pam