Thursday, August 26, 2010

Great news a new studio!

I have been offered a studio in this great old restored conch house. It is under the umbrella of The Studios Of Key West I signed the lease today and have my key and will move in this weekend.
I am up on the second floor left rear so if you are in the neighborhood stop by. Its the Tom Pope building at 610 White street. Its 2 doors down from the beautiful yellow armory which is the Studios head quarters. Look like there is a lot going on and I can't wait.

Its nothing fancy but it has great light with 4 windows. Can't wait for November when I can throw open the windows. I look out over tin roofs and into huge old sapadillo trees and poincianas. I will have my studio open for the next walk on White which will be September 16. Stop in and have a glass of wine!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Going Green

My newest painting. It has a strange swirling green sky which I think goes well with the purple house it is 16"x18" $989.00

Sunday, August 8, 2010

One Night Stand

I participated in the 4th annual One Night Stand production put on by The Studios of Key West . It starts Friday night with 5 directors picking 5 writers who picks a set of 5 actors who in turn pick 5 artists who then pick a sponsor and a genre. Friday night the writers create a play and give it to the director and cast early Saturday morning.
The actors rehearse and the artists and prop and costume people scurry around and paint a backdrop and procure costumes and build props for the show. The show begins at 7:00 that evening and the audience is treated to 5 funny quick plays. It was an incredibly fun experience. Myself and Maggie Ruley and Michael Sanders all painted a 12"x15" canvas backdrop with palm trees and houseboats as our play took place at a bus stop at Garrison bight in front of houseboat row. Below are pictures of all 5 plays

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Time Travelers Wife

Just finished reading this wonderful book. I am probably the last to read it since I get my books at yard sales and Salvation army. It was an intriguing Sci fi concept and a powerful, touching love story. I am having pangs of sadness it is over and must find a new book soon!

John Hiatt - Have a little faith in me

I am working on getting my music onto my mp3 player and came across this, never knew he wrote this always loved this song.