Sunday, August 8, 2010

One Night Stand

I participated in the 4th annual One Night Stand production put on by The Studios of Key West . It starts Friday night with 5 directors picking 5 writers who picks a set of 5 actors who in turn pick 5 artists who then pick a sponsor and a genre. Friday night the writers create a play and give it to the director and cast early Saturday morning.
The actors rehearse and the artists and prop and costume people scurry around and paint a backdrop and procure costumes and build props for the show. The show begins at 7:00 that evening and the audience is treated to 5 funny quick plays. It was an incredibly fun experience. Myself and Maggie Ruley and Michael Sanders all painted a 12"x15" canvas backdrop with palm trees and houseboats as our play took place at a bus stop at Garrison bight in front of houseboat row. Below are pictures of all 5 plays


  1. Maggie had told me of this - how cool. You guys did a great job.