Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rainy season has begun!

Here are two new mail boxes. I haven't painted any in years but I was cleaning out my studio and found these and decided to paint them up. They are standard sized metal mailboxes and I have them at the gallery for $100.00 each. Look for a standard rural mailbox next week.
Finally the rainy season has come to Florida and any rain shortage has been made up this week. Next comes hurricane season! Tropical update will start June 1st. Anyone want to go to Crosby Stills and Nash in August, St Augustine? Let me know. Have a happy and safe Memorial day!


  1. Pam - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mailboxes - too damn cute..... and if Congrats are in order for the big "D" - then CONGRATS - and always remember the good times.....

  2. Hey Pam! Just found your blog yesterday! Hubby and I bought a bunch of your artwork several years ago. I love them just as much now. 2 walls in our home are devoted to your work. We still have you listed on our website.
    Love your recipes. Copied 2 of them yesterday to try. Thanks!