Saturday, January 23, 2010

A couple of earth pallette paintings

I have been very busy at the gallery for the last 3 weeks and finally got a chance to paint for myself. Went to Sugarloaf and painted with the group. We were looking at bottles and thought I would pursue my challenge of using an earth palette. Not very successful but I none the less persevered and painted away. I thought of the Italian painter Morandi and tried to envision myself in a small Italian village with whitewashed walls and just some bottles from the recycling bin to paint..............

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Manatees were spotted in the canals around my house. Not sure why people think they are so cute? They were coming up and drinking fresh water and people had lettuce for them. They are lumbering giants and very ugly but peaceful.

New stuff

Here's a start of a new painting. Grounded in brown gesso which is so not me but needed to cover up what was going on underneath.
New "Starry night" its all about the blue 11"x14"

"Pie Shop" gallery wrap 5"x7"

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I wasn't prepared for how much I would love the movie. I liked everything about it and never for a moment thought to my self, "this is a cartoon" Even with it being 3 hours I was never bored or ready to go home. I want to live on Pandora, and be blue.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The new year

I have down loaded the pictures and need to get some of these out there. Here is are two new little paintings. I have done several new little ones but haven't taken pictures yet.
5"x7" a revisit to ones I have done before but they seem to be very popular.

This was just an amazing meal. Lovely piece of salmon just quickly pan fired resting on a bed of very creamy cheesy soft polenta. I added romano, cheddar and goat cheese and quite a bit of butter! How could they not be good and then steamed asparagus just marinated in sesame oil and tamari. As my son says, "That's a $25.00 meal right there!"

A walk the other morning and the bougainvillea in bloom on a neighbors fence.

Sea grape leaves.

A nice guy waiting out in the tidal flats for breakfast to swim by.

Lovely shadows and reflections.

Quite an amazing cactus in someones yard.

Christmas eve oysters. along with

Fried conch, shrimp, and quickly seared tuna, oh and a salad in the middle along with a big fat martini to toast the season!

Uncle Bruce snapping away while Arlyn shucks. Hope everyone had a great holiday. I did, but I am glad its over!